Greg McCallum has over 30 years of experience as a presenter for live television and radio shows.

From his sporting and event management background, Greg has considerable experience in hosting and delivering high quality events across a diverse range of industries and occasions.

As the only Australian to have spoken at the House of Commons and the House of Lords in Westminster, London, Greg brings a sense of occasion and high quality entertainment, whilst respecting what the occasion calls for.

As a sought-after Master of Ceremonies for weddings, Greg can offer invaluable support as the link between the bridal party and the venue supervisor. Any issues that may arise during the reception are dealt with efficiently and always with a positive outcome.

Experience & Quality

Greg is a former teacher, International & State of Origin Referee and Executive Administrator.

He has has worked throughout the world delivering high quality speaking engagements, event hosting and is an experienced and entertaining Master of Ceremonies.

Getting Your Message Across

Combining his vast experience in the cutting edge of professional sport with an understanding of the delivery of key outcomes in the business world, Greg can add significant value to your message to any audience in any setting.

Greg’s primary focus is to ensure that the objectives of his clients are met. From creative concept to execution, he always devises a strategic and quality-driven solution.

Master of Ceremonies / Event Host Testimonials

A selection of testimonials below outline Greg’s professional approach and understanding of the importance of clear communication. If you would like to submit your own testimonial, you can do so via the contact page.

Master of Communication

Greg has exerted his years of industry knowledge by mastering the art of communication.

Delivery With Clarity

Greg is confident and clear in terms of sharing apt views to any audience and delivers messages with clarity.

Corporate Etiquette

Greg has high quality motivational communicating skills to bring out the best in an event. He has knowledge coordinating business events with excellent corporate etiquettes.

Business Seminars

If you’re also looking for a person who can carry out a persuasive and interactive business seminar, then Greg is the person to rely upon. His extraordinary facilitation and negotiating approaches will make your business event not only successful but very memorable.